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Bagging Scales

Our trusted and proven CM & 5GV Series net-weigh bagging systems are unmatched in the industry for over 35 years.

Unlike a gross weigh operation, where the product is weighed in the bag or package, the product in a net-weigh system is pre-weighed within a weigh hopper and then discharged into the bag or package.


Net weigh bagging systems are complete with a digital programmable controller and provide better speed and accuracies than gross weigh systems. Several feeder options are available to accommodate product specifications—without minimizing speed and accuracy. Whether your weighs are 1/4 pound or over 1000 pounds, Express Scale can provide a system for you, THE RIGHT WEIGH®.

Express Scale Parts believes in production specialization.


We can improve your process flow with our ability to customize your bagging system.

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