CM-780D-II, CM-780D-II-BF14C1, CM-780D-II-PS1

CM-780D-II Series

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Net weigh bagger designed to handle free flowing products into open mouth bags. Weight range capacities from 10 lbs 110 lbs. Normal speeds are typically 13 (50 lb) bags or 11 (100 lb) bags per minute at ± 2 to 3 oz accuracy.

FEATURES: 2 position gravity gate for bulk and dribble feed, Pneumatically operated gate with 8” x 10” inlet, Air operated double door weigh hopper sized between 2.0 cubic ft capacity and 6.0 cubic ft capacity, Complete pneumatic control system consisting of air cylinders, valves, and filter regulator, (2)-250 lb capacity strain gauge load cells in mounting assembly and summing box, One-Digital programmable controller, One spout with either air operated dust tight design or center grip design.

OPERATION: Operator presets weight information on digital programmable controller. The operator presses start, the gate will open fully in fast feed mode. The gate will automatically close partially to dribble feed mode. The gate will then automatically close completely at weigh complete. Product is held in the weigh hopper until the operator places the bag on the spout at which time the okay to discharge signal is given, the weigh hopper doors open discharging the product into the bag. The weigh hopper doors close after an adjustable timer has timed out and repeats the sequence. The operator then releases the filled bag from the spout by operating the foot pedal and hangs another bag to repeat the process.

A duplex scale is nothing more than two scales in the same framework. This is used to obtain a higher rate of speed. Typically while scale #1 is discharging, scale #2 is reloading, etc. With the vibrating pan feeder, a simplex scale will typically produce 11 to 12 bags per minute; a duplex scale will typically produce 21 to 22 bags per minute. With the gravity gate scale and our standard 8” x 10” inlet the output of a simplex will be 11 to 12 bags per minute and 22 to 23 bags per minute on a duplex. If we use the high output gravity gate with the 8” x 13” inlet, the output on a simplex scale is 13 to 14 bags per minute and 25 to 26 on a duplex. If we go with the Servo drive motor and the high output gravity gate the output on a simplex is 16 bags per minute and 28 to 29 bags per minute on a duplex. 

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