5GV Series Series

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Net weigh bagger designed to handle free flowing products into open mouth bags. Weight ranges between 1 lb and 10 lbs or 2 lbs and 15 lb bags. Normal speeds and accuracies are 10 to 15 bags per minute ± ½ oz accuracy depending on the flow characteristics of the product.

FEATURES: Pant leg diverter with 12" by 12" inlet, Gravity gate for bulk feed, 3" vibratory pan for dribble feed, Weigh hopper .4 cubic foot, .6 cubic foot or 1.0 cubic foot capacity, 100 Lb (50 kg) load cell supporting weigh hopper with necessary brackets, Complete pneumatic system consisting of a filter regulator, air cylinder on gate and weigh hopper and valves, GSE 660 series digital controls, transition, support structure, spout is provided based on type and size of the bag. Spout types are straight spouts where the operator holds the bag during the fill cycle. Center grip spouts, where the spout holds the bag during the fill cycle and the operator’s hands are clear on both sides of the spout. This spout is ideal for hanging plastic bags of non-dusty products. A single auger feeder with a pneumatic slide gate is available for fluidic products.

OPERATION: Operator enters weight data on programmable digital control, and then presses the start key. The scale automatically starts filling in the full feed mode utilizing both gravity gate and vibrating pan feeder. The scale will automatically go into dribble feed mode by closing the gate and allowing only the vibrating pan feeder to run. Upon reaching weigh complete the vibrating pan feeder will stop and the weigh hopper will hold the desired weight of product. Operator places the bag on the spout and activates the foot pedal or wand switch to provide the okay to discharge signal. The weigh hopper automatically closes after a pre-determined time and starts the filling cycle again. Operator releases the bag from the spout and places the bag on bag closing conveyor. The operator gets new bag and repeats the process.

Duplex units produce 1.8 times the output of a simplex scale and triplex scales typically produce 2.5 times the output of a simplex scale.

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