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Digital gross weigh scale with pneumatically operated dust tight bag clamps for handling free flowing dusty products. The scale utilizes programmable digital controller to control all scale functions. The standard gravity gate unit is designed to handle free flowing dusty products at 7 to 8 (50 lb) bags per minute at ± 4 oz accuracy. Depending on product, the feeder may be changed to belt feeder (with or without variable speed drive), a twin auger feeder for very fluidic products or a gravity vibe system/

FEATURES: 120RW, GSE 465 or GSE 665 Digital Controller, Adjustable flow control, Dust tight bag clamps sized to suit your requirements, Flexible connection between the spout and the main housing to control dust, 2" dust pickup port on left rear of scale to connect to your vacuum system,

OPERATION: Operator places bag on spout at the same time operator’s wrist hits wand switch or foot depresses foot pedal, thus closing clamp. Gate automatically opens allowing product to flow into the bag. Fast flow, slow fill and free fall calculations within the controller adjust the scale for proper weights. Bag automatically is released after bag clamp release timer times out and process is repeated.

FEEDERS:A Belt Feeder can be added to the JM Series System to handle semi-free flowing materials such as molasses feeds, range cubes, flour products etc. Auger feeders are available to handle aerated products such as casein, whey and others which tend to fluidize. Gravity Vibe is available to provide consistent accuracies with gravity bulk feed and vibratory dribble feed.

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